PC8548, a High Reliability 1.2GHz Processor for Space, Aerospace & Defense applications.

PC8548 is a product that Teledyne e2v is offering today on version 2.1.2 product Silicon revision, to manufacture:

• PC8548 Space Radiation Tolerant QML-Y Processor
• PC8548 Hi-Rel Processor

The PC8548 integrates a Power Architecture® processor with system logic required for networking, storage, and general-purpose embedded applications.

The e500 processor core can run up to 1.2GHz.

Teledyne e2v is providing PC8548 as Space Radiation Tolerant processor as part of its Ceramic Non Hermetic Flip Chip Space solutions. Moreover, PC8548 is QML-Y qualified.

This device, using the CMOS 90nm SOI technology from NXP, has successfully passed the Total Ionizing Dose test (with dose rate of 600 to 1000 Rad/h, and up to a total dose of 100KRad) and the Heavy Ions tests (with a total immunity to SEL up to 86MeV), demonstrating its suitability for space applications in the Radiation Tolerant category (“Rad Tol”).

Radiation results makes this device usable for most of the space applications even for long-term missions or GEO satellites.

Teledyne e2v is also providing PC8548 as a High Reliability processor for Aerospace & Defense markets.

Please check the datasheet for detailed features of PC8548.

For the specific version of PC8548E with Encryption engine , please consult our End-Of-Life announcement GE231481 on page Obsolescence Management Non-encrypted versions continue to be supported.

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