• Tactical Edge Computing Advances Defense System Developments
    2021/09/09 3:09 PM

    While making instantaneous decisions that are highly reliable and correct, space and avionic defense system developers must address the issue of overwhelming amounts of data transmissions, and computations. Defense system developments often utilize commercial technology. However, there are crucial differences between military and commercial systems, especially at the tactical edge. Military sy…

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  • On the way to RF Softwarization, Teledyne e2v data converters push digital signal processing boundaries with direct access to Ka Band
    2021/09/01 9:03 AM

    This article describes market disruptions currently faced by the space industry which may not only upend current commercial assumptions, but herald significant changes in the way that space-borne infrastructure is architected and operated in future. The hypothesis is that market forces and technology trends point to a necessary focus on substantially more flexible multi-mission platforms hereafter…

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  • Ease Design For Deterministic Latency In Ultra-Fast Digitizing Systems
    2021/06/01 5:15 PM

    Achieving deterministic latency is the topic of discussion in much contemporary systems design today. Past efforts focused on increasing data transmission speeds and bandwidths but increasingly, modern applications now set an equally high value on determinism - the requirement that a data packet be delivered at a precise and repeatable moment in time. This article considers determinism, at devic…

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  • Hardware design considerations for Teledyne e2v’s space-grade DDR4
    2021/05/27 1:06 PM

    Fast, highly reliable, and radiation tolerant memories are a Must Have feature for complex Space Edge Computing systems : DDR4 will allow the Space industry to offer higher-throughput on-board processing and increased acquisition times enabling new Earth-Observation, space-science and telecommunication applications, e.g. ultra high-resolution imagery, live streaming video and on-board AI. I prev…

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  • Making History: Advanced System in Package technologies enable direct RF conversion
    2021/04/07 1:18 PM

    RF data conversion systems are experiencing rapid changes as ADC and DAC performance specifications and form factors, along with new sensor technologies (Rx & Tx), continue to advance. One system level design problem has been consistent throughout—balancing the implementation tradeoffs between the analog and digital circuitry for maximum software/system flexibility (from sensor to the digital…

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  • Top-reasons for Defense customers to select Teledyne e2v’s processing modules
    2021/02/24 10:06 AM

    Processors and their companion DDR memories are the heart of military, defense, and avionics computing systems. Today, state-of-the-art COTS processors are significantly outperforming existing mil/aero systems. Military and defense system developments can take 5-10 years design cycles, which naturally leads to a significant gap between the latest technologies available on the market versus chipse…

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  • High-speed acquisition solution enabling electrical grid monitoring through UHF partial discharge detection
    2021/02/23 6:18 PM

    Throughout the 20th century, electricity has become ubiquitous and a requisite for day to day life. Unsurprisingly, the power grid constructed to support our need for electricity today is vastly complex, dealing with issues such as maintaining or replacing old systems, interfacing older installations with new green power generation solution, supporting and reacting to the fluctuating demand for en…

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  • The Future is Now: Teledyne e2v’s Quad Core ARM® Cortex®-A72 Radiation Tolerant Microprocessor Revolutionizes Heavy Computing for Space Systems & Satellite Projects.
    2020/12/01 10:31 AM

    Space flight systems have experienced rapid generational development over the last sixty years. From military, to weather, to earth observation, and telecommunications (particularly as 5G networks globally advance), one technological problem has been consistent throughout–selecting and implementing a fast and reliable space qualified microprocessor.   …

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  • You missed our Live Demo event! Here is all the material you need to catch up!
    2020/11/30 12:59 PM

    During this week of Electronica Virtual 2020, we were pleased to introduce our latest product announcements and innovations. Our engineering team worked very hard on developing four product demonstrations & a webinar which we broadcasted Live using two web TV studios on site in Grenoble. We performed over 50 Live demos online during 5 days and had over 200 participants! We would like to than…

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  • Get your access to our live demo sessions during Electronica 2020!
    2020/10/10 6:45 PM

    CLICK TO REGISTER & JOIN OUR LIVE DEMO SESSIONS ON THE 10th and 11th OF NOVEMBER 2020!   Discover our innovations Live & Ask your questions directly to our experts! POWER SAVING DEMO: SAVE POWER & SIMPLIFY THERMAL MANAGEMENT IN HIGH RELIABIL…

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