QorIQ® P5020 64-bit Dual-Core Processor
Product Status: EOL - Discontinued EOL March 2020

The dual-core P5020 processor delivers 64-bit processing, based on the e5500 core built on Power Architecture® technology. With frequencies scalable to 2.0 GHz, large caches and high per-cycle efficiency, these products target control plane and compute applications that require high single-threaded performance.

The P5 platform leverages architectural features pioneered in the P4 platform, including the three-level cache hierarchy for low latencies, hardware hypervisor for robust virtualization support, data path acceleration architecture (DPAA) for offloading packet handling tasks from the core and the CoreNet® switch fabric that eliminates internal bottlenecks. This enables architectural compatibility from the P5 platform to the P4 platform as well as to the P3 platform.

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