LX2160A / 16-Core ARM® Cortex®-A72 for High Reliability, Mission critical, AI-enabled systems in Space, Aerospace & Military.
Product Status: Under development

Advanced sixteen-core 64-bit Arm processor with up to 200 000 DMIPs computing capabilities. Featured with WRIOP capable to handle high-speed peripherals including 100 GbE, multiple PCIe Gen3.0, hardware L2 switching, DPAA2 with 100 Gbps decompression/compression, and 50 Gbps Encryption engine. This is also complemented by a dual CAN interface, as well as UART, SPI, and I²C. It targets a wide range of Edge computing applications, high-end and high-speed communications in one device in Space, Aerospace & Military systems.

Target applications:
LX2160A processor is perfectly suited for a range of embedded applications that require high speed multicore CPU, packet processing performance, high-speed interfaces such as 100 Gb Ethernet, multiple PCIe Gen3.0 and SATA controllers. In Space, LX2160 Space Radiation Tolerant specific version offered by Teledyne e2v is serving Edge Computing systems, Single Board Computers and other compute intensive systems on equipment and payloads, enabling for instance AI on board in an optimized power envelope. In Aerospace & Military systems, LX2160 is equipping systems requiring heavy computing, integration, and power efficiency.


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