The EV12AD550 is the first ever dual channel, S-band capable, space grade ADC designed to offer system simplification and cost reduction in space applications.
Product Status: Discontinued

The EV12AD550 supports S-band direct digitization, facilitating the removal of down conversion in space systems. The EV12AD550 is also the first S-band ADC to feature true chain synchronisation for electronic steering of atenna array and digital beamforming systems.

  • Sampling rate 1.5GSps
  • High dynamic range input frequency 4.3GHz
  • Reduced dynamic range input frequency 5.5GHz (SAR applications)


App Notes
Document Description Type
AN1200A Application Note Overdrive in Cold Sparing Conditions
Document Description Type
EV12AD550B Datasheet Datasheet of active revision - EV12AD550B
Document Description Type
EV12AD550‐EK UG VITA 57 FMC dual 12-bit ADC evaluation kit
Document Description Type
GE232153 EOL for EV12AD550 series PDF
Te2v EV12AD550A PF EU EV12AD550A product flyer PDF
Document Description Type
PV Report PV Report of EV12AD550 PDF
Qualification report Qualification report of EV12AD550 PDF
Radiation Tests Report EV12AD550B - Mask VO02A – TID&SEE Test PDF
Document Description Type
EV12AD550 IBIS IBIS software model for EV12AD550 ZIP
Document Description Type
Boost Economics In Agile High Throughput Satcom Payloads Boost economics in agile high throughput SatCom payloads PDF

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