Low power, Ka-Band capable, space grade ADC: EV10AS940
Product status: Under Development
This ADC makes possible direct conversion to Ka-Band, for every kind of systems, ground based or space based, for SATCOM payloads, SAR imaging, TT&C systems.

The EV10AS940’s ultra wide bandwidth also enables multi-band operation thanks to the ability to digitize signals from L-Band to Ka-Band, combined with
multiple DDC channels.

With a 2.5W power consumption at 12.8 GSPS, the EV10AS940 helps phased array trends toward digital beamforming by providing outstanding RF performance with very low power consumption.

Main benefits
• Enables in-orbit payload reconfiguration in multiple bands
• Ultra wide input bandwidth 33 GHz (-3 dB)
• Single ended analog and clock inputs to ease RF interfaces
• Low power: 2.5 W (at 12.8 GSps)
• Digital features: DDC with I/Q decimation (x2 to x1024), Multi-NCOs (x4), Fast Frequency Hopping (3 hop modes) and Beamforming
• Multi ADC synchronization

EV10AS940 performance with Fs=12.8GHz / Fin=25.1GHz

ADC Performance in multiple frequency bands up to Ka with only 195mW/GSPS and single ended inputs.

The first live demonstration of the most advanced Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) from Teledyne e2v Semiconductors, EV10AS940. The latest 10-bit single channel 12.8 GSps ADC, with a max total power consumption of 2.5W, is capable of acquiring signal waveforms over multiple frequency bands up to Ka-band. The ADC will be presented in its characterization environment with the description of all its functionalities (Multi-ADC Synchronization, Decimation, Multi-NCO, Fast Frequency Hopping, ESIstream 62B/64B serial interface, single ended inputs…). The performance and its wide instantaneous bandwidth up to 6.4 GHz will be demonstrated by sampling directly signals coming from a signal generator.


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