High-speed acquisition solution enabling electrical grid monitoring through UHF partial discharge detection

Throughout the 20th century, electricity has become ubiquitous and a requisite for day to day life. Unsurprisingly, the power grid constructed to support our need for electricity today is vastly complex, dealing with issues such as maintaining or replacing old systems, interfacing older installations with new green power generation solution, supporting and reacting to the fluctuating demand for energy, transporting energy over long distances or crowded areas and standards and overall ensure customer satisfaction. Interruption of service has thus been a strong focus over the past decades and has driven research in monitoring, predicting, and preventing complications within the installation. One physical phenomenon, partial discharge (PD), has been used to detect such issues. This paper introduces briefly the concept and benefit of partial discharge, the different technologies used to capture them, focuses on Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) system and more specifically on its data acquisition system before introducing data conversion solution suitable to build such systems.

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Published 2021-02-23
Relevance: Semiconductors Teledyne e2v

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