Learn About New High-Speed Analog to Digital Conversion Capabilities

In this series of short videos, you will learn how to program and design with the first 12-bit ADC to feature a Cross Point Switch. The Teledyne e2v EV12AQ600 can operate its four cores simultaneously, independently or paired, to assign its 6.4 GSPS sampling speed across the user’s desired channel count. This video series covers serial interface programming, how to cancel time interleaving mismatches effects, how to take advantage of the flexibility provided by the integrated RF switch and how to use a multi-ADC synchronization technique.

Integrated RF switch in high-speed ADC lowers RF receivers’ costs

Discover the flexibility provided by the integrated RF switch in the high-speed ADC EV12AQ600. Design your system with one RF channel and transform it into a 4-channel system in the blink of an eye!

Get started with the ESIstream serial interface of the EV12AQ600 ADC and a Xilinx FPGA

You will learn how to easily download and create a Vivado project to implement the serial interface of the ADC EV12AQ600 or AQ605 to gain precious time in your development. You will learn how to receive samples using a python script, Vivado hardware manager and Vivado Integrated Logic Analyzer (ILA). You will learn how to test that the integration of the ESIstream serial interface is working properly.

Learn about multi-ADC synchronization in only 7 minutes!

This exclusive tutorial video will give you a useful overview of a multi-ADC synchronization technique, from the needs of synchronous and deterministic behavior within a multi-channel system to a practical implementation in our Lab. The demo also features Teledyne e2v’s latest EV12AQ600 ADC.

Learn time-interleaved EV12AQ600 ADC mismatch error correction with Kintex Ultrascale FPGA ADX Ips

A brief introduction to the ADX4 and ADX2 IPs for the EV12AQ600 or 605 ADC.
ADX IP allows you to cancel time interleaving mismatches effects like gain, phase and DC-offset by real time post processing treatment without implementing a complex and time-consuming calibration process.

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Published 2022-04-25
Relevance: Semiconductors