PC8548 - Space

1.2GHz Radiation Tolerant QML-Y Processor with e500 Power Architecture™ Core

The PC8548 integrates a Power Architecture® e500 core that can run up to 1.2GHz. It is a complete SoC with system logic required for networking, storage, and general-purpose embedded applications. It is offered with version 2.1.2 of the Silicon revision.

PC8548 is proposed by Teledyne e2v as Space Radiation Tolerant processor as part of its Ceramic Non-Hermetic Flip Chip Space solutions. Moreover, PC8548 is QML-Y qualified.

This device uses CMOS 90nm SOI technology from NXP. It has successfully passed the Total Ionizing Dose test (with dose rate of 600 to 1000 Rad/h, and up to a total dose of 100KRad) and the Heavy Ions tests (with a total immunity to SEL up to 86MeV.cm/mg), demonstrating its suitability for space applications as a Radiation Tolerant device (“Rad Tol”).

Radiation results and the quality grade makes this device usable for most of the space applications even for long-term missions or GEO satellites.

Please check the datasheet for detailed features of PC8548.

For the specific version of PC8548E with Encryption engine , please consult our End-Of-Life announcement GE231481 on page Obsolescence Management Non-encrypted versions continue to be supported.

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