QorIQ® P3041 Quad-Core Processor
Product Status: EOL - Last Time Buy Date Sept 1st 2021

NXP QorIQ® P3041 processor is an optimized quad-core device that leverages architectural features pioneered in the P4 platform. Built on Power Architecture® technology, the P3041 fits into many of the same applications as the P4 platform processors, yet is designed to offer a more power- and cost-efficient solution.

The P3041 includes P4 platform features such as the three-level cache hierarchy for low latencies, hardware hypervisor for robust virtualization support, data path acceleration architecture (DPAA) for offloading packet handling tasks from the core and the CoreNet® switch fabric which eliminates internal bottlenecks. This enables architectural compatibility from the P3041 to the P4 platform and also to the P5 platform, which uses the same architecture. P3041 is pin-compatible with P4040, P4080, P5010, and P5020.

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