QorIQ® P1013 Single-Core Processor
Product Status: EOL - Last Time Buy Date Sept 1st 2021

The QorIQ® P1022 family of processors is designed to deliver complex application processing performance with exceptional feature integration and high-speed connectivity for IP networking and advanced media processing applications. This device combines dual e500 processor cores built on Power Architecture® technology with enhanced system peripherals and interconnect technology to balance processor performance with I/O system throughput. The P1013 is a single-core version of the P1022 family.

Ideally suited for the printing and imaging market, the P1022 processor includes advanced deep sleep power and energy management features that enable developers to design next-generation energy efficiency, environmental and governmental energy regulatory power requirements. This innovative deep sleep function enables <1W system designs where the P1022 processor is able to continue to receive packets and perform fast recovery from an extremely low-power sleep mode.

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