Space Radiation Tolerant 4GB DDR4

DDR4 Companion of LS1046 Space, KU060 & SIP solutions & beyond
Product Summary

The 4GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4 Memory Multi-Chip Package (MCP) is a Ultra High Density Memory Solution, targeting Space Embedded Systems & Applications

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors introduces the world’s most compact Radiation Tolerant 4GB DDR4 memory for space systems, a solution with a complete application data package, which is the ideal high speed companion chip for Teledyne e2v’s Space Grade Processors or third-party Space FPGAs. This memory successfully stands up to the most extreme environments, functioning resiliently despite severe temperature variations and radiation exposure.

Space Key Features

Space Qualification

  • Up to NASA Level 1 (based on NASA EEE-INST-002 – Section M4 – PEMs)
  • Up to ECSS Class 1 (ECSS-Q-ST-60-13C

Radiation Tolerance

  • SEL LET Threshold > 60.88 MeV.cm²/mg
  • SEU LET sensivity Threshold 2.6 MeV.cm²/mg. Upset cross-section @ 60.88 MeV.cm²/mg = 8.11 E-12 cm²/bit
  • Logic error sensitivity Threshold 2.6 MeV.cm²/mg. Logic Error cross-section @ 60.88 MeV.cm²/mg = 3.24 E-4 cm²/device
  • TID : 100 krad(Si)

Performances, Compact, Fault Tolerant

  • 4GB; 72 bits (64 bits data + 8 bits ECC)
  • 2.4GT/s target, Validated at 2.1GT/s so far
  • Size 15mm x 20mm x 1.92mm

Sampling now with Teledyne e2v Space Specifics

  • Mechanical samples: available
  • EMs: available

Ordering information

Product Name Radiation Performance DDR Size Bus Width Temp Range Package Type Speed
Rev Space Grade
DDR4 T : Rad Tol 04G : 4 Gbyte 72 : 72 bits M : -55/125C ZR : PBGA Stacked Wire Bond (C5 Leaded) 1 : 2133 A EM: Engineering Models 
    08G : 8 Gbyte   A : -40/105C ZS : PBGA Stacked Wire Bond (C5 RoHS) 2 : 2400   EQM: Engineering Qualified Models
                -N1 : Nasa Level 1
                -N2 : Nasa Level 1
                -N3 : Nasa Level 3
                -E1 : ECSS Class 1
                -E2 : ECSS Class 2
                -E3 : ECSS Class 3

Note: Only the 4GB version is available today

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