Product Status: Discontinued EOL May 2023

Teledyne e2vā€™s EV12AS350 is set to be the only 12-bit resolution ADC on the market that combines signal digitization at 5.4GSps, input bandwidth in excess of 4.8GHz and latency as low as 26 clock cycles with a noise of -150dBm/Hz. Unlike other ADCs on the market, it will be free of non-harmonic spurs, creating a pure signal for coders to manipulate in a range of demanding applications.


App Notes
Document Description Type
AN1190A Application Note Explanation of the interpolation and calibration procedure of the EV12AS350 PDF
AN1211A Application Note AN1211A - EV12AS350 evolution from rev A to rev B PDF
EV12AS350 Application Note EV12AS350 CER improvement from Revision A to Revision B Application Note PDF
Document Description Type
Errata sheet Specification of the power-up sequencing aspects of the EV12AS350A PDF
EV12AS350A Datasheet Datasheet of previous revision - EV12AS350A PDF
EV12AS350B Datasheet Datasheet of active revision - EV12AS350B PDF
Document Description Type
EV12AS350B User Guide EV12AS350 CER improvement from Revision A to Revision B Application Note PDF
Document Description Type
IBIS Model IBIS software for EV12AS350

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