Top-reasons for Defense customers to select Teledyne e2v’s processing modules

Processors and their companion DDR memories are the heart of military, defense, and avionics computing systems.
Today, state-of-the-art COTS processors are significantly outperforming existing mil/aero systems.
Military and defense system developments can take 5-10 years design cycles, which naturally leads to a significant gap between the latest technologies available on the market versus chipsets used in systems, when they start servicing.

Moreover, high-performance COTS technologies can become obsolete within 2 years (or less), i.e. before the actual start of the mass production of those defense systems; mass production can then last from 20 to 30 years.
Military and Defense customers have often to make compromises on those performance and obsolescence issues to avoid lengthy, and time-consuming, re-qualification and re-validation processes.

Now, as the future generation of mil/aero systems require high reliability/performing, safety critical, ultra-integrated computing platforms, Teledyne e2v provides a line of high reliability processing modules called Qormino®.

Qormino combines GHz class 64-bit processors based on PowerArchitecture® or ARM® from NXP (formerly Freescale), with high-speed DDR4 memories, on Teledyne e2v’s specific 44 x 26mm substrates. It comes with a 0.8mm BGA package, and is designed to respond to SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) constraints.
With built-in DDR4 bus layout and “building-block” approach, Qormino effectively accelerates Time-To-Market, allowing to launch products with up-to-date technologies.
Teledyne e2v also tackles obsolescence issues thanks to its Teledyne e2v’s SLiM™ program, and eases procurement by offering two of the most critical components from a single supplier.

Read more to discover why Teledyne e2v’s ultra-integrated processing modules benefit to Military & Defense customers: high reliability & optimum performance, compactness, reduced time to market, long-term supply. Please click on the following link to download our full white paper.

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Published 2021-02-24
Relevance: Semiconductors Teledyne e2v

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