Making History: Advanced System in Package technologies enable direct RF conversion

RF data conversion systems are experiencing rapid changes as ADC and DAC performance specifications and form factors, along with new sensor technologies (Rx & Tx), continue to advance. One system level design problem has been consistent throughout—balancing the implementation tradeoffs between the analog and digital circuitry for maximum software/system flexibility (from sensor to the digital processing units’ input/output).

This fundamental problem requires the system designer to partition (or combine) the data conversion circuit components, along with analog and digital signal routing, that would allow for maximum softwarization for multiple implementation services. Now, as the future of advanced SiP (System-in-Package) assembly technologies accelerate data conversion system design implementations from hardware to software centricity; Teledyne e2v’s SiP design, development, and assembly expertise revolutionizes system level design for maximum flexibility and multi-mission capability.

Using state-of-the-art technologies (flip chip, organic packages, etc.) for RF, Mixed-Signal, Digital Processing applications for use in: industrial, medical, avionic, instrumentation, telecommunication, military, and space applications are realized. Teledyne e2v’s 40+ years of experience in advanced SiP design and assembly technologies gives system designers the highest performance and value for advanced data conversion system platforms.

If you wish to read more, please click on the following link to download our white paper.

Published 2021-04-07
Relevance: Semiconductors Teledyne e2v

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