Learn about multi-ADC synchronization in only 7 minutes!

We have created an exclusive tutorial video to give you a useful overview of a multi-ADC synchronization technique, from the needs of synchronous and deterministic behavior within a multi-channel system to a practical implementation in our Lab. The demo features Teledyne e2v’s latest EV12AQ600 ADC.

What you will see:

  • A demo with two ADCs synchronized from board to board
  • The training sequence to perfectly time align the output data of both ADCs
  • The robustness of the alignment over temperature cycling, power cycling, …

To read more about our synchronization feature, please download our Technical Note!

For a deep dive into the technique leading to the easy way to synchronize multiple Teledyne e2v’s data converters, the Technical Note provides all the details to accomplish it.

You will learn a practical implementation for synchronous operation from SYNC pulse signal generation to the data alignment training sequence. A focus is made on Teledyne e2v’s EV12AQ600 ADC.

Click to download Synchronization Feature Technical Note!

Synchronizing multiple channels in Phased Array Antenna systems is made easier with Teledyne e2v synchronization chaining

Discover the easy way to synchronize multiple ADCs in a multi-channel system!

For those involved in modern Telecom massive MIMO, surveillance or multi-function Radar, satellite SAR instruments … employing digital beamforming architecture, the need to maintain the phase information, coherency and stability throughout the signal chain is crucial in these systems. They may also have wide bandwidth requirements. Teledyne e2v’s data converter solutions meet these challenges with high sampling rate ADCs and DACs combined with an easy way to synchronize multiple channels by chaining the data converters.

Get familiar with this original and unique feature provided by Teledyne e2v that will help you develop your next generation system faster. Once trained and set at prototype level, one can confidently go to mass production with the same configuration.

Teledyne e2v’s solution: propagate only one single SYNC pulse signal through the different data converters.

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Published 2019-03-11
Relevance: Semiconductors Teledyne e2v

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