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System in a package - a key element in our roadmap

Teledyne e2v has moved into full production of its first multichip module on an organic substrate. Manufactured for high speed instrumentation, it’s composed of 5 chips, reported as flip-chip, and 12 CMS components. This module is an important milestone in our roadmap and shows our commitment to become a leading European Competence Center for systems in packages.


It’s been a year since we opened up our manufacturing services to external clients, and we’ve seen challenges, great successes and also significant orders. Our Integrated Microelectronics Solutions services and capabilities have become a one-stop-shop for customers, offering tailor-made solutions and services such as semiconductor assembly, component and product qualification, and testing for high reliability and high performance semiconductors.

Teledyne e2v covers all aspects of assembly and test: die design, package design, assembly, test and screening, qualification and reliability. We are continuously investing in new machinery and processes, allowing us to constantly improve of our solutions.

Discover more about the inside of Teledyne e2v’s factory with this video tour of our labs and clean room:
Come meet us!

If you’d like to find out more about our assembly and test services and other products and technologies, you can meet the team at the Space Tech Expo, November 19th-21st, in Bremen, Germany. It’s a great opportunity to discover more about our new space solutions as well as meeting our team of experts! We look forward to seeing you on booth 2013 this November.


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Published 2019-09-02
Relevance: Semiconductors Teledyne e2v