Implementing Texas Instruments power supplies for a Teledyne e2v DDR4 memory in Space applications.

Edge computing applications in Space, such as image/video processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), telecommunications, rely on compute intensive devices like processors, FPGAs, and ACAPs to perform the heavy calculations. These devices feature limited internal memory and typically require external high-speed and high-density DDR4 memory to support the compute intensive use cases.

Teledyne e2v has been the first manufacturer to provide a radiation tolerant Space grade DDR4 (DDR4TxxG72). Initially offered in a 4GB density, Teledyne e2v has then expanded its portfolio with higher densities, including 8GB, to cover the constantly increasing computational and storage needs of the Space use cases.

DDR4 memories have specific power supply requirements and in particular a termination voltage (VTT) regulator, which serves to control the voltage on the termination resistors of the Address Control Command (ACC) bus. This voltage needs to be accurately regulated at a high bandwidth considering the high frequencies involved in the DDR4 bus transactions, which go above 1GHz. On top of this, the memories also require other voltage regulators for supplying the logic parts of the components. Texas instruments (TI) offers a range of Space grade power supply ICs, which meet the requirements of supplying a Teledyne e2v DDR4 memory in a Space radiative environment.

This white paper first provides a general description of the Teledyne e2v DDR4 memories and associated Texas Instruments termination voltage regulator. Then, the implementation of a DDR4 memory with power supplies is proposed and described.

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Published 2023-02-24
Relevance: Semiconductors

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