• High-speed acquisition solution enabling electrical grid monitoring through UHF partial discharge detection
    2021/02/23 6:18 PM

    Throughout the 20th century, electricity has become ubiquitous and a requisite for day to day life. Unsurprisingly, the power grid constructed to support our need for electricity today is vastly complex, dealing with issues such as maintaining or replacing old systems, interfacing older installations with new green power generation solution, supporting and reacting to the fluctuating demand for en…

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  • The Future is Now: Teledyne e2v’s Quad Core ARM® Cortex®-A72 Radiation Tolerant Microprocessor Revolutionizes Heavy Computing for Space Systems & Satellite Projects.
    2020/12/01 10:31 AM

    Space flight systems have experienced rapid generational development over the last sixty years. From military, to weather, to earth observation, and telecommunications (particularly as 5G networks globally advance), one technological problem has been consistent throughout–selecting and implementing a fast and reliable space qualified microprocessor.   …

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  • You missed our Live Demo event! Here is all the material you need to catch up!
    2020/11/30 12:59 PM

    During this week of Electronica Virtual 2020, we were pleased to introduce our latest product announcements and innovations. Our engineering team worked very hard on developing four product demonstrations & a webinar which we broadcasted Live using two web TV studios on site in Grenoble. We performed over 50 Live demos online during 5 days and had over 200 participants! We would like to than…

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  • Get your access to our live demo sessions during Electronica 2020!
    2020/10/10 6:45 PM

    CLICK TO REGISTER & JOIN OUR LIVE DEMO SESSIONS ON THE 10th and 11th OF NOVEMBER 2020!   Discover our innovations Live & Ask your questions directly to our experts! POWER SAVING DEMO: SAVE POWER & SIMPLIFY THERMAL MANAGEMENT IN HIGH RELIABIL…

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  • Fast DDR4 SDRAM to Enable to New Space Ages
    2020/09/02 9:13 PM

    To exploit lucrative market opportunities, satellite operators are trying to differentiate by offering added-value services, e.g. ultra high-resolution imagery, live streaming video and on-board AI to extract insights in-orbit to reduce downlink requirements. The market need for high-throughput payloads is predicted to increase 12x from 2019 to 2024, with bandwidths increasing to 26,500 Gbps. Al…

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  • Join Teledyne e2v Semiconductor's LIVE webinars!
    2020/09/01 9:01 PM

    We are very pleased to invite you to our live webinar sessions (20 minutes) during IEEE Radar Conference 2020 . The sessions will take place on Zoom during the conference’s coffee breaks on the Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of September 2020. Please check out below the presentations’ abstracts and direct links to the sessions. …

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  • The Future is Now: 5G NR ATE and Field Test Systems Utilize Teledyne e2v’s Quad ADCs to Revolutionize Auto-Calibrated Test Measurements
    2020/07/30 3:36 PM

    ABSTRACT As mobile wireless technology continues its rapid generational development over the last twenty years from 3G to 4G, and now onto 5G NR networks, one technological problem has been consistent throughout; automatic/calibrated testing of required high frequency components. The most difficult testing challenge for RF ATE and Field Test Systems is simply calibration, repeatability, and…

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  • The most powerful many core PowerArchitecture® Processor, T4240, is qualified by Teledyne e2v for long term compute intensive Military & Defense Applications
    2020/06/19 4:22 PM

    ABSTRACT For more than three decades, Teledyne e2v has been offering to the Aerospace & Defense industry a wide range of powerful embedded processing solutions qualified for High Reliability environments (-55/125C) originally from NXP (formerly Freescale) Data Networking portfolio. A&D industry customers are usually using several processors depending on the needs of their systems; Te…

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  • Teledyne e2v boosts radio softwarization efforts through its latest microwave data converter developments!
    2020/05/01 11:04 AM

    You want to know more our latest microwave data converter developments. This white paper covers some of the key technologies shaping our near future electronic data exchanges. …

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  • Multi-Channel ADCs enable Machine Condition Monitoring for Industry 4.0
    2020/04/06 11:13 AM

    Inclusion of Teledyne e2v’s versatile EV10AQ190A devices has proved pivotal in data acquisition boards used to assess the ongoing operation of video imaging systems. “Provision to implement various configurations using a single ADC product has shown itself to be invaluable.” Marc Stackler, Teledyne e2v. …

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