• Teledyne e2v Now Shipping Flight Models of its Space DDR4 Memory Solution
    2022/03/14 12:57 PM

    Teledyne e2v Now Shipping Flight Models of its Space DDR4 Memory Solution Grenoble, 14th March 2022 – The progression of Teledyne e2v Semiconductors’ ultra-high density DDR4 memories continues, with news that flight models are now being shipped to key customers around the world. It signifies a major step forward in the ground-bre…

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  • QLS1046-Space based IoT Platform for small LEO communication satellites enabling high-performance protocols
    2022/03/11 5:35 PM

    This article has been written with the Partnership of Marco Andrenacci and Riccardo Andreotti from MBI Group. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been developing exponentially in the past few years, and this development is supported by the launch of small LEO communication satellite constellations to cover remote areas. IoT needs efficient communication protocols to support its fast growth, to im…

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  • Microprocessors and FPGAs for Intensive, In-Orbit, Edge-Based Computation
    2022/01/19 9:24 AM

    This article has been written by Dr. Rajan Bedi, the CEO and founder of Spacechips. Satellite operators are increasingly acquiring more and more data in-orbit and would prefer to process this on-board the payload to extract value-added insights rather than downlink huge amounts of information to a cloud for post-processing on the ground. Limitations with existing space-grade semiconductor techno…

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  • CSUG & Teledyne e2v Unveil AI-Enabled Smart Nanosatellite with On-Board Imaging Processing at Space Tech Expo 2021
    2021/11/10 3:52 PM

    Grenoble, 10 th   November 2021   – The Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble (CSUG), in partnership with Teledyne e2v, will be using this year’s Space Tech Expo to provide visitors with a detailed demonstration of a high-performance image analysis system for CubeSat deployment. Intended for Earth observation tasks, this system will process the images on-board to build simplified binary m…

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  • Can deterministic digital phased array control be delivered over fiber?
    2021/10/12 9:19 AM

    This is the first publication in a short series, reporting progress at Teledyne e2v to replace copper with fiber as the physical transport layer, connecting data converters to digital signal processors. The goal is to substantially simplify high-throughput data converter interconnect to enable remotely positioned converters. In so doing, data and critically control signals, are reliably routed ove…

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  • Deep-learning AI in Space enabled by Qormino® processing module
    2021/10/04 10:07 AM

    In the frame of the QlevEr Sat project, supported in sponsorship by Teledyne e2v, the CSUG (Grenoble University Space Centre) and MIAI (Multidisplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence) have evaluated the performance of the QLS1046-Space processing module (Radiation Tolerant module with a Quad Arm® Cortex® A72 and 4GB DDR4 memory) for deep-learning AI applications. In this study, the pur…

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  • Register to our next Live webinar to discover more about our 4GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4
    2021/09/23 1:36 PM

    Join us for Teledyne e2v’s 4GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4 Webinar session on the 28th of October 2021! This year being so unique we want to take this opportunity to keep in touch with you ! We are very pleased to invite you to our live webinar session (45 minutes) The presentation will take place on Zoom on Thursday 28th of October 2021 from 11.00 am to 11.45am (CET). We will be discussing our l…

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  • Tactical Edge Computing Advances Defense System Developments
    2021/09/09 3:09 PM

    While making instantaneous decisions that are highly reliable and correct, space and avionic defense system developers must address the issue of overwhelming amounts of data transmissions, and computations. Defense system developments often utilize commercial technology. However, there are crucial differences between military and commercial systems, especially at the tactical edge. Military sy…

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  • On the way to RF Softwarization, Teledyne e2v data converters push digital signal processing boundaries with direct access to Ka Band
    2021/09/01 9:03 AM

    This article describes market disruptions currently faced by the space industry which may not only upend current commercial assumptions, but herald significant changes in the way that space-borne infrastructure is architected and operated in future. The hypothesis is that market forces and technology trends point to a necessary focus on substantially more flexible multi-mission platforms hereafter…

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  • Corail SiP Project
    2021/06/14 3:59 PM

    As part of the French Recovery Plan, Teledyne e2v Semiconductors and Safran Electronics & Defense have jointly obtained a French state aid to develop their System-in-Package roadmap Grenoble, 14th June 2021  – Teledyne e2v Semiconductors (Grenoble) and Safran Electronics & Defense (Valence), are currently launching the CO…

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