• Boost dynamic performance of a broadband ADC by some 10 dBFS instantly with spur reduction IP
    2022/06/07 4:26 PM

    Benefit from an immediate design-free, dynamic performance gain Newsworthy pointers • The new EV12AQ600/605-ADX4 device options now feature an integrated ADX4 license key enabling enhanced dynamics when operating at up to a peak of 6.4 GS/s (single channel mode). • ADX4 - a post-processing algorithm compatible with Xilinx Kintex…

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  • Start an ESIstream serial interface development with Versal ACAP and EV12AQ600 ADC
    2022/05/19 11:00 AM

    Get all information to accelerate your ESIstream high-speed serial interface development introducing the Versal ACAP ESIstream package based on the VCK190 Versal AI core development kit. The Versal ACAP ESIstream package will help you to get started with Versal ACAP and a high-speed data converter that uses the ESIstream serial interface, like EV12AQ600 ADC (FPGA ESIstream RX) and EV12DD700 DAC (…

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  • Learn About New High-Speed Analog to Digital Conversion Capabilities
    2022/04/25 4:24 PM

    In this series of short videos, you will learn how to program and design with the first 12-bit ADC to feature a Cross Point Switch. The Teledyne e2v EV12AQ600 can operate its four cores simultaneously, independently or paired, to assign its 6.4 GSPS sampling speed across the user’s desired channel count. This video series covers serial interface programming, how to cancel time interleaving mismatc…

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  • Succeed in Compute Intensive Space use cases with Radiation Tolerant solutions
    2022/04/05 4:18 PM

    Find out in our videos how we at Teledyne e2v help our customers succeed in addressing Compute Intensive Space use cases with our radiation tolerant solutions. And discover how we perform radiation testing of our components and build our reports to provide relevant data to our customers.   How does Te…

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  • Teledyne e2v Semiconductors adds EV12AQ600 ADC to its portfolio of high-performance data converters certified to MIL-PRF-38535 Class Y for Space applications
    2022/03/21 4:33 PM

    Teledyne e2v Semiconductors adds EV12AQ600 ADC to its portfolio of high-performance data converters certified to MIL-PRF-38535 Class Y for Space applications. Grenoble, 21st March 2022 – Teledyne e2v, the leading hi-rel semiconductor solutions provider, today announces the production release of the space qualified EV12AQ600, the most advanced and versatile quad-core, multi-channel ADC in its por…

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  • Teledyne e2v Now Shipping Flight Models of its Space DDR4 Memory Solution
    2022/03/14 12:57 PM

    Teledyne e2v Now Shipping Flight Models of its Space DDR4 Memory Solution Grenoble, 14th March 2022 – The progression of Teledyne e2v Semiconductors’ ultra-high density DDR4 memories continues, with news that flight models are now being shipped to key customers around the world. It signifies a major step forward in the ground-bre…

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  • QLS1046-Space based IoT Platform for small LEO communication satellites enabling high-performance protocols
    2022/03/11 5:35 PM

    This article has been written with the Partnership of Marco Andrenacci and Riccardo Andreotti from MBI Group. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been developing exponentially in the past few years, and this development is supported by the launch of small LEO communication satellite constellations to cover remote areas. IoT needs efficient communication protocols to support its fast growth, to im…

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  • Microprocessors and FPGAs for Intensive, In-Orbit, Edge-Based Computation
    2022/01/19 9:24 AM

    This article has been written by Dr. Rajan Bedi, the CEO and founder of Spacechips. Satellite operators are increasingly acquiring more and more data in-orbit and would prefer to process this on-board the payload to extract value-added insights rather than downlink huge amounts of information to a cloud for post-processing on the ground. Limitations with existing space-grade semiconductor techno…

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  • CSUG & Teledyne e2v Unveil AI-Enabled Smart Nanosatellite with On-Board Imaging Processing at Space Tech Expo 2021
    2021/11/10 3:52 PM

    Grenoble, 10 th   November 2021   – The Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble (CSUG), in partnership with Teledyne e2v, will be using this year’s Space Tech Expo to provide visitors with a detailed demonstration of a high-performance image analysis system for CubeSat deployment. Intended for Earth observation tasks, this system will process the images on-board to build simplified binary m…

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  • Can deterministic digital phased array control be delivered over fiber?
    2021/10/12 9:19 AM

    This is the first publication in a short series, reporting progress at Teledyne e2v to replace copper with fiber as the physical transport layer, connecting data converters to digital signal processors. The goal is to substantially simplify high-throughput data converter interconnect to enable remotely positioned converters. In so doing, data and critically control signals, are reliably routed ove…

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