• 8 GB DDR4 memory into Space
    2022/11/29 9:34 AM

    Space Edge Computing Boosted by Teledyne e2v’s new 8 GB DDR4 Memory Ultra-compact, resilient, dynamic memory boosts advanced space projects & space-based communication, observation and scientific satellites 8 GB DDR4 Enginee…

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  • Organic packages for space
    2022/11/18 10:53 AM

    Organic packages for space components Watch this video to discover why we recently switched to organic packages for our components, what are the implications, and how we work to keep the reliability at its maximum. …

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  • Electronica 22 dataconverters demos
    2022/11/18 10:51 AM

    Watch our data converters demonstrations introduced at Electronica 2022! New ADC Performance Demonstrations in multiple frequency bands up to Ka with only 195mW/GSPS and single ended inputs. Watch the first live demonstration of the…

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  • Meet our team at Space Tech Expo 2022, booth M52!
    2022/10/24 12:22 PM

    Teledyne e2v Semiconductors is attending Space Tech Expo in Bremen, from the 15th to the 17th of November 2022. We will showcase our Processors and Data Converters for Space applications. Come & meet our experts to discuss about extensive flight heritage, radiation tolerancy, high speed & high bandwidth data conversion an…

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  • Meet our team at Electronica 2022, booth C4.215!
    2022/10/24 12:03 PM

    Electronica Munich 2022 is fast approaching! Our team will be happy to meet you in Hall C4 Booth 215 from November 15th to 18th. Our experts will be demonstrating the following innovations for the first time:  Our new ADC & DA…

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  • Teledyne e2v’s peripheral rich Quad core ARM® Cortex®-A72 Space processor
    2022/10/11 4:00 PM

    Teledyne e2v’s peripheral rich Quad core ARM® Cortex®-A72 Space processor gives spaceborne imaging and AI a major boost Highly resilient, radiation tolerant space processor enhances data and communication intensive applications Noteworthy pointers …

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  • LX2160A / 16-Core ARM® Cortex®-A72 for High Reliability, Mission critical, AI-enabled systems in Space, Aerospace & Military
    2022/09/26 1:42 PM

    LX2160A, a 16-core ARM(R) Cortex(R) A72 based processor, is perfectly suited for a range of embedded applications that require high speed multicore CPU, packet processing performance, high-speed interfaces such as 100 Gb Ethernet, multiple PCIe Gen3.0 and SATA controllers.   In Space, LX2160 Space Radiation Tolerant specific version from Teledyne e2v, is capable to serve Edge Computing sys…

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  • Demonstration of Teledyne e2v QLS1046-Space boot sequence
    2022/09/14 9:00 AM

    Watch this short video to see in practice the boot sequence of the QLS1046-Space Enquire Now Please fill out & submit the form to receive an answer…

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  • Design simultaneous multiband transmitter from L to Ku Band
    2022/09/14 9:00 AM

    A growing number of applications will benefit from working simultaneously in multiple frequency bands to improve system agility, configurability and in the end performance. In this video, to demonstrate the feasibility of designing a powerful multi-band transmitter, we will focus on the use case of a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging system. …

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  • Meet our team at European Microwave Week, BOOTH B43!
    2022/09/01 12:07 PM

    25-30 September Milan, Italy  Discover the world’s first Ka Band capable microwave DAC!  At any band up to Ka, System designers can now migrate more RF hardware to digital code than ever before. Enabling unprecendented lev…

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