System in Package (SIP)

A System in Package integrates a number of ICs into a highly compact package that functions as a unit. There is a huge trend in microelectronics towards System in Package, heterogeneous integration. HiRel / Space is highly concerned, as low and medium volumes prohibit the development of System on Chip (SoC).
SiP is a concept, not a package type or a technology with infinite potential configurations!

Teledyne e2v brings its knowledge and heritage in producing components and systems for high-end markets to meet customers’ expectations for highly integrated devices.


If you wish to learn more about our SiP capabilities, please download our latest white paper:
Making History: Advanced System in a Package Technologies Enable Direct RF Conversion 

Strengths of SiP:
  • Heterogeneous integration, ie. the use of dies from different technologies and / or manufacturer, which permits the selection of the optimum technology for each function
  • Quick development through parallel development of each function
  • Product versatility, because a new product can easily be developed by changing one function, without total re-development
  • Much better SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) factor than solutions built from discrete devices
  • Faster time to market
  • Better economical fit with market nature (low volume)
SiP Capabilities at Teledyne e2v:
  • Electronics design
  • Package design
  • Test engineering
  • Thermal and signal, integrity simulations
  • Manufacturing
  • Life cycle management / long term support
MCM Heritage at Teledyne e2v

Our manufacturing, inspection & test flow can be tailored to your needs, ranging from product specific flow to full compliance with ESCC 9000 or Mil Prf 38535 QML Class-V / QML Class-Y.

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